Why choose Omnik New Energy

Thank you very much for your interest in Omnik and our solar inverter, we very much appreciate it. I believe our Omniksol-3.0k-TL will meet all your requirement.

China Omnik New Energy, with R&D team and managing partners from Germany, is one of the most professional solar inverter manufacturers in China. We operate quite successfully so far in Europe, Australia and also in Asia.

All range of Omnik inverters have following attractive features which make Omnik inverter stand out from all other competitors:

High Reliability and Long Lifetime

Omniksol inverters are designed by high German technology and manufactured by high quality and reliability components, therefore we Omnik make a commitment,
that the failure rate of Omnik inverter will below 2% in 12 months after delivery in 2012, and below 1% in 2013.

Highest Efficiency

According to the photon test result (Figure 1) in End.Aug.2011, the Omniksol-2k-TL European Efficiency ranks No.1 among all solar inverters below 3kW. The official report is already published on January issue of photon magazine. Also, the Omniksol-13k/17k/20k-TL with Maximum Efficiency is up to 98.2%.

Full Package of Certificates

The full range of Omnik single phase inverters (1.5k to 4k) has received VDE, CE, G83/1, G59/2, ENEL2010, VDE0126-1-1, RD1663, C10/C11, AS4777 etc. And the full range of Omnik three phase inverters (13kW,17kW, 20kW) have passed all tests in VDE and Bureau Veritas lab with Max. Efficiency up to 98.2%.

Flexible Interface and Communication

Local and remote monitor network can be easily setup with optional RS232, RS485, ETHENET, GPRS or WIFI interface. Also, you can design and monitor your PV system using our PV system design software and monitor website.